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How Can You Grow Your Instagram Followers Count?

If you have an Instagram account, you already know how difficult it is at the very beginning to grow your followers count. This is the case with any social network site in the world. The initial days are tough, but when you have a good number of followers, the new followers keep up organically. There are two ways to increase Instagram followers. The first way out is organically and the second option is to buy cheap Instagram followers.

Buy Instagram Followers – Nobody is going to follow you on Instagram if your followers count is low. Even when you have the best photos and videos uploaded to your account, nobody will give you their attention. To gain their attention, you have to grow the followers count to a respectable number. You can do so by opting to buy cheap Instagram followers. The service providers like Profollow provides real Instagram followers that will stay on your account for the lifetime.

increase Instagram followers

Now, when someone visits your account and gets blown away by the number of followers you have, he or she will consider you popular and instantly follow you. That is how you can trick others to follow you and grow your count organically after the initial push. Furthermore, when you have a good Instagram followers count, the Instagram algorithm makes your profile visible to more and more people through recommendation. Moreover, your profile will be more discoverable on the Explore tab, and that is how you can promote your profile without paying a buck.

Giveaway – Everyone loves to get a free gift. That is why you should take advantage of people’ weakness and increase your followers count. You can organize the giveaway on other platforms like Facebook or Twitter where you have a certain number of followers. The rule to win can be following you on Instagram and comment and like your photos and videos. This will make your profile popular in the eyes of any stranger check your profile out. If you organize it on Instagram, the rule can be recommending ten friends to become your followers and sending screenshots of the proof.

Influencers – You can find an Instagram influencer and get your connection to ask the influencer to give you a shout out. It is a slightly complicated process, and you may have to cash out some bucks to get the shout out. There are various conditions you have to fulfill to be qualified to get a shout out.