Bit coin is a completely digital currency, also called cryptomonad. The creation of Bitcoin represents the emergence of a new means of payment, decentralized (point-to-point) and digital. The system is managed by the users themselves and no intermediary is needed, This means that the transactions carried out consist of sending coins from one person to another over the internet, without going through a bank. That way the costs are lower and you can use your currencies in any country without any requirement or limit.

Why are people talking about Bitcoins?

They have been in the market since 2008, and even so, what Bitcoin is and how it works is still a little known and understood subject in Brazil. So you might ask yourself: why are people talking so much about it, especially now?

The first months of 2017, brought a very high value for these crypto-coins. While, on January 1, Bitcoin ( Ƀ)  was traded at around the US $ 1,000 (R $ 3,200 at the time), by the end of August the value was already US $ 4,200 (more than R $ 13,000).

That is, just as the Bit coin quotation rose a lot, it can also fall in the same proportion, at any time. Therefore, there has been a concern that this market is an economic bubble.

For those who do not know  1 btc to usd  the term, the economic bubble was what happened in 2000, when the so-called dot-com companies (Internet-related businesses) were skyrocketing on the Stock Exchange. Until the market did not support the growth of prices and stocks plummeted. Many of these actions have even had their value reduced to dust.

online bettingThe logic of the market consists of investing in an asset that tends to appreciate rather than in an asset that is already on the rise, as is the case of Bitcoin nowadays. So, who invested in Bitcoins between 2009 and 2016, and kept their currencies until today, may have made a big profit. However, this does not mean that the currency will continue to rise.

The  most important in risk investments, whether in crypto-coins or in the stock market, is to have a strategy. You have to have a strategy to invest safely and look for good profitability.