Where Does One’s Happiness Lie?

Where Does One’s Happiness Lie?


Sometimes all it takes to have a happy life is that belief that things will all turn out the way it should. The placebo alone is enough for the mind to believe that whatever it is going through is not permanent and that things will change for the better and maybe not for the worse. As a matter of fact, it is proven that the mind is a coward and always has some reason to fear everything and it is our jobs to make sure that it is tricked from time to time and that there should be an alternate cause for everything that we do.The placebo effect is simply the effect that allows for the thought process that whatever aspect that they brain interprets as true is not actually true. There is an illusion that is created as to the effect of the particular thing to the brain and that is what makes things all possible for the brain. If brain believes that whatever the situation in one’s life is as it was planned due to a person’s positive thinking and the ability to take things easy, then that is what the brain interprets it as. If you think that you can get a condo from The Tre Ver Enbloc then that will make the brain think that it is possible. Not that getting a house is totally in the realm of things that could not happen.

If Things Were Not Bad

Imagine a world where there is no issues and problems, there is no conflicts, there is no wars, and there is no violence. It is impossible for the world to make any sort of sense if that is the case here. But since that thought is not possible and no one can stop people from imagining there is the placebo that is created in that aspect. One could not really afford a condo from The Tre Ver Enbloc and it may seem like an impossible aspect now but the very thought of being able to get it is not impossible and that is all that the brain needs.


Sometimes, there should be a partial reason for things to not work out but if there is a real reason for things to not work out the way they should, then that should be addressed in the way that it should be.