Have the best time with luxury spa

Have the best time with luxury spa

There are easy ways to relax the muscles of the body and getting rid of the unwanted stress that relies on the muscles. For a person to have the best time there is a luxury spa ubud bali that can bring the best service to a customer.

The Ayurvedic Abhyanga Massage therapy:

This is an ancient ritual to balance mind and body with use of some warmed therapeutic oils and a special technique of dosha: Vata, Pitta or Kapha with a requirement of 90 minutes costing around IDR 1,430,000

The Himalayan warm stone massage therapy: Shamans have used the heated river stones in the healing practice from centuries. The warm stones are such placed that they cover the Chakras and then massaged over the body in order to promote a soothing away the stress, a deep state of relaxation and dissolving the tensions in the muscles. Session of the therapy lasts around 90 minutes costing IDR 1,430,000.

luxury spa ubud bali

The Thai-style foot reflexology: There is a firm pressure that is used to stimulate the points of reflex in the feet. Float into the deep relaxation for a sense of balance and well-being with two therapy session durations of 30 minutes and 60 minutes, one can choose the session duration. The cost of 30 minutes session is IDR 475,000 and 60 minutes IDR 835,000.

It is a fact that the therapy can help a person in many ways to relieve the stress and tension that has developed in the muscles.